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Beautiful contemporary luxury living room in a self build property designed by Iris Interiors


Luxury dressing room designed by Iris Interiors

Residential Design

Our residential design service redefines luxury interiors. Encapsulating the essence of comfort, style and individuality we have a deep understanding that each home is a reflection of it's owner and that luxury comes in many forms.


Our expert team of designers meticulously craft spaces that resonate with personal narratives. From conceptual design to install we curate every aspect of the interior journey, tailoring designs to embrace diverse tastes and lifestyles

Self Builds

Self build design empowers individuals to be the architects of their own dreams, facilitating the design and construction of their ideal living space. With self build design, each aspect, from the layout and materials to the smallest detail is a canvas for personal expression. This approach not only grants homeowners the freedom to craft spaces tailored to their unique lifestyles but also encourages innovative problem-solving and sustainable practices.


With a self build project, creativity knows no bounds and we are here to work with you through the process to minimise stress, manage budgets and ensure you dream home is achieved. From designing a concept to overseeing the construction process, we can deal with all aspects ensuring the result reflects your aspirations and dedication.

Luxury master ensuite with a rich colour palette and gold accents. Designed by Iris Interiors
Kitchen designed for a property development, designs and visual by Iris Interiors

New Build Developments

With a keen eye on the latest design trends, materials and technological advancements, our new build development interior design navigates the delicate balance between contemporary flair and timeless appeal, whilst allowing us to enhance the appeal and marketability of a project.


With a refined eye for aesthetics, functionality and market trends we can ensure that the spaces within a development are not only visually enticing but also tailored to the needs and desires of potential buyers or tenants. This collaboration ultimately adds significant value to the development by creating spaces that stand out in a competitive market and resonate deeply with the target audience, increasing both sales and overall satisfaction.

Show Homes

Having a show home is essential for developers to vividly illustrate the potential of their properties, captivating potential buyers and helping them envision their future within the space. At Iris Interiors our show home design is meticulously curated to showcase the full potential of a living space.


Utilising the latest trends, innovative materials and thoughtful layouts, show homes can offer a glimpse into the possibilities of creating an inviting and inspiring living environment. Each room and detail within a show home is thoughtfully arranged to captivate the imagination of potential buyers or residents, helping them envision how their own lives and styles could effortlessly blend into the space.

Luxury show home created for property developer. Contemporary and modern with neutral colours. Designed by Iris Interiors
CGI created by Iris Interiors for new build property marketing.

3D Visualisation

3d visualisation empowers developers to transform their vision into a tangible, immersive experience that goes beyond traditional blueprints and 2D plans. By harnessing advanced software and technology, we create lifelike, interactive representations of projects, allowing prospective buyers and investors to explore every detail of a property before it's even built. This not only aids in showcasing the aesthetics and design of a development but also assists in making informed decisions regarding layout, materials, and spatial arrangement. Furthermore, 3D visualisation enhances marketing efforts by enabling the creation of compelling promotional materials, making it an invaluable asset in the competitive world of property development. 

Our Process

From the initial consultation to procurement and install we have many stages to our process with each project tailored to the client. Download our brochure to find out more about the process or book your consultation today. 

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